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The Dream, The Story

Over 10 years ago 120 Acre  Film Location was established to build a 120 acre film, television and sound production facility to produce Faith-Based and Family Friendly Entertainment.   As the beginning process went through it's development phases, we began to open the doors for other film, television and music video productions to realize their production dreams, by allowing them to rent the property to build their sets and film their projects with our help.

With the help of Pauline East of clients began to make their way out to the ranch.  We have been up and running, and able to help many productions complete their project visions.   If it is God's Will we plan on developing our city streets & single family home sets, and begin building sound stages, an airport runway set, and a tree filled forest set, to name a few.  The Dream is still being actively pursued on a daily basis, with the help of GOD Almighty to help other filmmakers and provide a fully equipped Film/Television/Music Production Studio for Creator William A. Baker to produce many quality Faith-Based and Family Friendly Entertainment Films and Television Series/Shows. 

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